Riot Picks

Table Decoration
Sorority Stick Pick
$ 125.00 USD
Classic Mini Pick Walnut
$ 45.00 USD
This Classic Mini Is a fun sized version of the classic. Handmade with beautiful and strong Walnut. Perfect when you want to carry light and fix dents in your fro.
Classic Pick Maple
$ 85.00 USD
Handmade from a beautiful piece of Maple. Maple is one of the strongest woods with a nice density. Perfect for those who have broken a comb or two.
Classic Pick Walnut
$ 85.00 USD
Handmade with Walnut. A strong and beautiful dark brown. The Classic Pick is where the revolution begins.
Classic Mini Pick Maple
$ 45.00 USD
Handmade and fun sized from a beautiful piece of Maple. The Lighter color pops when you rock it in your hair.
$ 175.00 USD
Adinkra symbol meaning Greatness. Definitely one that stands out from the crowd.